How It Works

Meet Your Links...

Meet your links...

We have simplified the link building process so that all you need to do is tell us which URL and target keyword to rank.  That means you don’t have to worry about reviewing site quality, link placement, metrics, anchor text, content length or anything else – we do it ALL for you.  

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Relevant Placements

We understand that relevance is key and we will only create links from sites that are relevant to you.

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1000+ Words

Professionally written niche relevant content that includes relevant internal and external links to help you blend in.

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No Author Bios

There will be no author bios or any kind of labeling to suggest your link is a guest post or sponsored content.

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Strict Quality Control

All of our placements are subject to our strict 23 point quality control review to make sure you only get links that move the needle.

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Real Sites

All of our links are created on sites that Google trusts with a minimum of 500 organic visitors per month.

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No “Write For Us” Pages

We do not place links on sites that have "write for us" pages. We avoid these types of sites because of the risk they pose and they are heavily farmed.

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No Existing Links

We’ll make sure that your site doesn't have any existing links from the sites we build links from.

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Blacklist Free

Our internal blacklist is made up of known PBN’s, guest post networks and other publicly advertised links.

FREE Anchor Text Analysis

It’s very easy to make mistakes with anchor text selection and because we are focused on delivering results, we take FULL control of anchor text selection.  Just tell us your target keyword and we will do the rest so you can have complete peace of mind.

How it works?

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Submit Your Order

Just click here to select how many links you want and place your order. The only thing you will need to provide is your target URLs and keywords, then we will take full control from there on out.

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Manual Review

The first thing we do is review your order to make sure there are no problems. Sometimes people mix up the URLs or  ask us to go after the wrong keywords but we will check everything before starting.

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Keyword Tracking

We will add your URLs and target keywords to our internal rank tracking system. We want you to be a repeat customer for years to come and the best way to do that is to measure and report on your results directly.

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Negotiate Link Placements

Next we will start to find relevant sites within your industry to start negotiating link placements. Each site meets the strict specifications above along with being blacklist free.

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Create & Publish Content

Once we have negotiated your link placement we will start creating the agreed piece of professionally written content. This will have at least 1000 words & will include relevant internal & external links to help you blend in.​

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Strict Quality Control Process

Every link goes through our manual 23 point quality control review to give you complete peace of mind. We check everything top to bottom to make sure we are only delivering links that we are proud of.

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We will send over a final report with your links and anchor texts once we are happy that we have exceeded your expectations (and maybe some bonus swag if you’re one of the lucky ones!).

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