Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions that you will encounter here have already been answered in various sections of our website. However, to ensure that users can have a place where they can clear all the queries and have a clear view of the way we operate, we have this FAQ section here. Please make sure to read this page before you contact us for any additional enquiries.

It’s a library of easy-to-gain backlink opportunities. Instead of trawling around the internet looking for websites that will give you a backlink, you simply open your TrafficDomination and work your way through the list.

Each opportunity includes a link to the exact page you need to visit to get that backlink (or understand how to get that backlink). And the TrafficDomination tool itself makes it easy to manage this process. No messy spreadsheets, or losing track of what you have and haven’t done.

It’s a really simple concept and a really simple tool. So you don’t need any specialist SEO knowledge to use the TrafficDomination. Everyone who wants to rank needs backlinks, this is the quickest and easiest way to get started on that mission.

So it’s perfect for you if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer that is trying to rank a new website from scratch, or an older site that has poor SEO. Basically, if you don’t have a great backlink profile already (i.e. lots of good websites linking to your site), then you need the TrafficDomination.

And if you’re an SEO agency or consultant, and part of your mission is to build your clients’ backlink profiles, you’re also going to love the TrafficDomination. This fast-tracks your work and is a simple and repeatable process for each new client you win.

This is not a training course, so we don’t specifically guide you on every backlink and what you need to do (for the vast majority of them, that is obvious from visiting the URL that we provide to each site). It’s possible as we continually improve this product, that we decide to add some educational notes for some or all of the backlink opportunities. But really, it’s not rocket science stuff, so don’t worry about how difficult it is.

We are trying to help smaller businesses crack the SEO code, so they can get more organic Google traffic. But I know budgets are often limited (especially if you’re a startup or micro business), so I wanted to make it as affordable as I can. For the number of backlinks you can gain (with hundreds more opportunities still to be added), and the amount of time you’ll save compiling this library, this price is great value for money.

To curate this list of high-quality backlink opportunities, it will take you at least three days of your precious time. If you have a very limited budget, and some time to kill, by all means, go hunting on the internet for all these backlink opportunities. As I said earlier, this is not a secret library.

But if you’re busy and have more important things to do than trawling through the internet looking for places that you can get a link from, then this is a no-brainer decision.

You’ll save days of work creating this list. It’s only going to get bigger. And we built a software tool to help you manage the backlink-hunting process.

Yes, and we all know it’s a boring mission, so here are some tips:

– Setup a Habit for you or one of your employee (like 20 minutes every Friday at 2 pm in your Calendar)

– The First step is to “Audit” the result to “Accept” the opportunity or “Reject” it (if not relevant to your niche)

– Once accepted, you’ll see the blue button “Submit”, click it and start the submission process.

Keep in mind; it’s not a sprint or a marathon.

It’s better to have an organic growth of the number of referring domains to your site (For Example, 5 new submissions per week)

The worse is the opposite (For Example, 100 submissions in one week, and then nothing).

You need to keep a pulse! 💓

One License allows you to work and track the progress of your Link Building journey for one project/domain. We don’t sell Unlimited Projects/Domains License for the TrafficDomination.

However, it’s possible to go in “Settings > Project Domain Settings” and change your project Name / URL at any time. Then you will be able to manually reset the status of each opportunity you’ve worked on your previous domain, one by one, to restart from scratch for a new domain.

The only drawback is then you would lose track of the history and progress you did for this initial project.

We do have special pricing for people interested in managing more than one project at the same time with Bulk Licenses.

Yes, we are updating the database every month and eventually, we’ll get to 2,000+ easy-to-get backlinks. Depending on your industry 10-30% of them should be relevant to you.

The “TrafficDomination” module is not tracking the backlink, it’s just a productivity tool to track your progress toward the list of opportunities in the TrafficDomination Database.

The TrafficDomination is more for new websites with under 100 referring domains and who need to grow their domain rating. The goal is for your domain metrics to look better when you will start to outreach for more meaningful & relevant backlinks, such as the Guest Blogging mission.

We have a strict NO REFUND policy for the TrafficDomination, no “Buyer’s remorse” here.

The TrafficDomination is very simple. It’s a carefully curated list of reputable sites that can give you a backlink without much hassle. There are no surprises. But it does require some effort. It’s a library of backlink opportunities. You still have to go and secure those backlinks.

If you’re not sure if the TrafficDomination is a good fit for your business, please :

  • Read all the questions and answers in our official FAQ
  • Create an account to check the demonstration of our UX/UI
  • Watch this “What’s Inside” video on YouTube

Another reason we don’t provide refunds is that you could log in to the TrafficDomination and quickly extract the library of backlink opportunities. I know you wouldn’t do this. But unfortunately, some people do this with digital products, buying them and then instantly requesting a refund to avoid paying.

Finally, we welcome constructive criticism to improve the product and make sure this “Lifetime Deal” will provide value.

I repeated this feat with multiple businesses, for multiple keywords. So I speak from the experience of fighting in the trenches of real-world SEO battles. It’s this knowledge and experience that I bring to products like the TrafficDomination, so you can get a shortcut to my SEO success.

I have also created a range of SEO products:

The SEO Checklist – This is a comprehensive checklist of all the important SEO steps you need to consider if you want to rank your site at the top of Google. Get the SEO Checklist here (it comes with the SOP collection).

The SOP Collection – A library of over 40 step-by-step process documents that guide you through every key SEO step you need to take to optimize your site and get more organic traffic.

And SEO Buddy – This is a complete software tool that’s main focus is to help you efficiently analyze Google results, so you can discover valuable backlink opportunities and content ideas.

The TrafficDomination is a software tool, to which you get instant access after you’ve completed your order, I’ll email your login details.

That depends on how fast you work. I estimate that if you focused solely on this, and systematically went through the entire list, you could gain all relevant backlinks (remember, not every single one will be relevant to your site) in about 3 days.

And remember, the TrafficDomination is going to keep growing, so you can revisit it from time to time (every couple of weeks) to hunt the new backlink opportunities that have been added (by my team and the community).

Yes, once your order is complete, you will instantly receive an invoice via email. VAT, or another local sales tax, may be added to the price, depending on your current location. If you’re a VAT-registered business, provide your VAT number during checkout and you will not be charged VAT. All orders are securely processed by Paddle, our payment merchant service.

If you’re a registered student or charity, we can provide a discount off the price of the TrafficDomination. Please email info@trafficdomination for more details. If you’re neither of these, but can’t afford the TrafficDomination at the moment, perhaps we can help each other out in some way. I’m open to suggestions. 

No, We do not have any affiliate program till now.